Rework Podcast 043 -- Low:r (7 VIEWS)
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On this months podcast we bring to you a very upcoming artist within the scene, he goes by the name of Low:r.

"Drum and Bass is about community and good vibrations, getting people together and letting them go."

That's how Ben Downton describes his passion for drums and bass as a producer and DJ. Growing up in a family of musicians, he has experimented with many genres and instruments such as violin and bass guitar from an early age. Ben joined a few bands but he quickly found his own way of expressing himself in music.

In 2004, his brother bought him a copy of Cakewalk SONAR as a gift, which showed him the way to create Electronica, Dub and Minimal-Dubstep. Under the pseudonym 'Morah', he played and played dubstep in the UK and Belgium in 2010, but that still did not correspond perfectly to his musical attitude. The drums and the bass appeared to him about a year later and Ben started to produce in this genre with the producer Locustlang. Together, they wrote the EP technician "Sentinel", which is in the top 10 of the winners of the Drum & Bass Arena and is supported by Phil Tangent.
In 2016, he changed his alias for Low: r and since then, he has released his tracks on Fokuz, Spearhead, Soulvent, Deep Soul and Terra Firma, but he will soon appear on bigger labels. He has been DJing with huge names, such as Spectrasoul, Pola & Bryson, Halogenix and his tracks are played by DJs around the world. DJMag rated his song 'Locked Away' at 7.5 and mentioned it alongside big names such as Hybrid Minds and Delta Heavy. For his records, Low: r is inspired by producers like Camo & Krooked, but his daily life also has an impact on his production. He never stops working and offers something new most weeks. Certainly, a producer to watch.

1 Terror - Feels The Same (Intrumental Mix)
2 Monika - Wake Up
3 Low:r & HIraeth - Take Your Soul Away (Macca Remix)
4 Ed:It, Technimatic - Slate Grey
5 MD - Choked
6 Low:r & Horton - Skewed
7 Ed:It - Dayz
8 SiLi - Deep Pressure (Edlan Remix)
9 Redeyes - Shattered Dream
10 Hiraeth - Waiting
11 Melinki & Low:r - Whats Real
12 Lenzman - String City
13 Low:r - New Hope
14 Blade - King
15 Paul SG - Forever VIP
16 Break & Kyo - Past North
17 Alibi, Command Strange - Skyline
18 Technimatic - All Our Yesterdays
19 Low:r - Lovin' You
20 Whiney - Sun Kissed (feat. Urbandawn)
21 Decon, Nikolai Becker - Cool Breeze feat. Nikolai Becker
22 Oliver Ferrer - True Love
23 Hiraeth - DUB!
24 Deeper South - Life 2 U
25 DJ Marky - Should I
26 Humanature - First Light
27 Hugh Hardie, Cimone - Raindrops feat. Cimone
28 Low:r - Essence of Life (Refix)
29 Low:r & Melinki - Raise Your Head Ft. Sydney
30 Villem & McLeod - Labooko
31 Telomic & Direct - Weakness (ft. Matt Van)
32 Walk-r & TEE-J - Somthing About You (Hiraeth & Low-r Remix)
33 Makoto, Keeno - Kosa feat. Keeno
34 Low:r & Aperio - DUB!
35 Break - I Need
36 Low:r - Other Side Ft. Anna Pancaldi

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