Linear Drum & Bass Podcast 009 (571 VIEWS)
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1. Dawn Wall - Problems [Integral Records] 0:00
Dawn Wall once again provide that sub pressure. Never fail to impress.

2. Freqax & Brusten - Ftuck [Fragmented Recordings] 1:38
Frequax goes in hard on this collab with Brusten. Taken from a very impressive EP out on Fragmented Recordings.

3. Kyrist - Ill Skill (A.M.C Remix) [Free Download] 3:04
There was never much doubt who was behind this fantastic remix of Kyrist’s track.

4. Laabreeze - Stratch Thing [Invasion Recordings] 3:52
Laabreeze brings heavy vibes on this new release for Invasion Recordings.

5. Revaux - Rude Awakening [Skankandbass] 5:54
Leeds duo Revaux have put out a seriously impressive two track release on Skankandbass this month. This B side packs some seriously deep funky vibes.

6. DJ Ransome - No Laughter [Forthcoming 27/11/2017 Default Recordings] 8:00
DJ Ransome’s forthcoming release on Default Recordings brings some aggressive rolling vibes.

7. S.P.Y - Hardcore Harry [Hospital Records] 10:10
Very little needs to be said about a S.P.Y release. Guaranteed dance floor destroyer.

8. Tyler Frost - Echo [Forthcoming 02/11/2017 Citate Forms] 11:20
Heavy hitting vibes on this forthcoming track on Citate Forms.

9. Radicall - All Yours (Original Mix) [Terra Firma] 12:38
Terra Firma are building up an impressive track of releases, and this must be the best yet. Incredible vibes are backed up by some seriously crisp production.

10. Edit.MKK & Adey B - Motion [Beat Spectrum] 14:50
One to give your subs a workout.

11. Øska - Winning Hand [Forthcoming 01/11/2017 Beat Spectrum] 16:14
Øska giving us something a bit different on Beat Spectrum, very impressive techy halftime.

12. Science of Man - Deeper Thought [Forthcoming 26/11/2017 Triplicate Audio] 18:28
Rolling, wobbly vibes forthcoming on Triplicate Audio.

13. Oh Wonder - All We Do (Aperio Bootleg) [Free Download] 19:31
Aperio’s bootleg of Oh Wonder’s track hits the spot perfectly, unreal vibes.

14. J.O.E - Milky Way [Forthcoming 11/12/2017 Default Recordings] 21:56
J.O.E expertly mixes liquid musicality with a heavy wobbling baseline in this track for Default Recordings.

15. Rafau Etamski - Even If We Try [Nu Venture Records] 23:45
Rafau Etamski brings us uplifting vibes, out now on Nu Venture Records.

16. Blakes - The Line [Forthcoming 24/11/2017 Moshbit Records] 25:10
Blakes is becoming a master of the deeper side of liquid dnb, very excited to see what lays ahead for him.

17. Frankee - Meditate [RAM Records] 26:48
One of my favourite tracks at the moment. Incredible vibes from one of the heavyweights of the genre.