DNB Dojo Podcast #26 - Dec 2018 (316 VIEWS)
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Just in time for Christmas, Hex is back with the last podcast of 2018, and it's a bit of a belter! 90 minutes of brand new music including tech smashers from Invadhertz & MISSIN, liquid rollers from Cnof & Skydata, weighty steppers from Ground & Spook and halftime melters from Fractale & Monty.

There's also new music from Hex himself in the form of his remix of K2T - Reckoning, and K2T & Manu return the favour on a new remix of Hex's This Snare. Last but by no means least, there are dubs inside from Dialectical and Shudder...what more could you want over the holiday season?

MISSIN - Give Me A Feeling [Delta9]
Invadhertz - Hardwired (feat. Hijak MC) [Addictive Behaviour]
Dub Phizix - Buffalo Charge (Data 3 Remix) [Free Download]
Ziz - Cruise Control [Default]
Electrosoul System & Etherwood - Coming Back [Kos.Mos]
Arp XP x Kabuki - Andiamo [Kabuki]
Conspired Within - Bad Intentions [Ronin Ordinance]
Low:r - Chop Shop [Future Retro]
Emperor - Legion [Critical]
Humanon & Victim - Liquid Glass [Red Light]
Muffler - Heavy Heart [Muffler Music]
Moresounds - Shut Up [Astrophonica]
Quentin Hiatus - Star 4788 [Free Love Digi]
Nookie - Love Me [Innerground]
M-Set - Come Nah [AutomAte]
St.Iff - Behold The Villain [Blackhill Production]
Cnof - Choices [Celsius]
Jaskin & Uneven - Closed Circuit [Kos.Mos]
Dialectical - Regulators [Dub]
Victim - Cold Touch [Kill Tomorrow]
Ground - Sleep Talking [Chikara Project]
Fractale - Frei [Unchained]
Monty - I Know [1985 Music]
Subp Yao - Bubbles [Methlab]
ColtCuts - Bug Bite [Sound Museum]
Konka x Strange Thing - Strap Up [Aufect]
Noisia & Phace - Deep Down [Vision]
Hex - This Snare (Khnum Remix) [Detached Audio]
Mage - Edge of the Earth [Celsius]
Covert Garden - Fugitive [Fokuz]
Shudder - Might Not Be Love [Dub]
SiLi - Looove [Differential]
Submanifold - Contact [Omni Music]
Defraction - Erra [Lost]
K2T - Reckoning (Hex Remix) [Detached Audio]
Spook - On & On [Free Download]
ReDraft - Hold Up [Shoot]
MidKnighT MøøN - Onism [iM Dance]
Mako - Come Down (Pusher Me) [Soul:R]
Karma Kingdom - I'll Be Waiting [Bay 6]
Lockjaw & Missin - Save Me [Overview]
Bereneces - Nommo [DLT9]
Trex - Manic Culture [The Dreamers]
Skydata - Starcrush [Beat Spectrum]
M.E.D. - Too Fly [Fokuz]
Shodan - I Don't Need You [Celsius]
Ground - Garden Peak [Flexout]
Synged - O2 [IN:Deep]
Chris.SU & Fedora - Without You (Liquid Mix) [FATE]
Fracture - Makes Me Wonder [Exit]
Naibu - Red Hand [Horizons]
Handra & Mystic State - Side Effects (Fre4knc Remix) [Absys]
Visionobi & Melinki - Searching for the Answer [Dispatch LTD]
Akov - Symbiosis [Cause4Concern]
LN4 & Simple Souls - Won't You [Soul Deep]
Esym - System Shock [Protocode]
Hybris - False Positive [Pseudoscience]
Elementz Of Noize - In Aether [Elementz of Noize]
Thing & InZtance - Keep On Running (ft. Frank Carter lll) [Warm Comms]
A.Fruit - Be Careful With The Clouds [Microfunk Music]