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While we are preparing our next release, we want to remind you of our artist from Murmansk, who recently was at Moscow and St. Petersburg parties - Stimpy!

It's time to get to know the artist a bit better. Tell me, when did you become the person, whom we now know as Stimpy?

Super hello to you and everyone who reads this! Stimpy appeared towards the end of 2015. Before him, there was an introductory electronic project, so to speak, in which I got to know a digital studio, experimented a little with sound, in short, I was looking for a new musical field for myself. This period lasted a little less than two years and then I had to take a musical break for about the same time, until Stimpy appeared in my head.

When did the story with broken rhythms begin? Why did you choose Drum & Bass? I have looked through a lot of stories and publications in your social networks. I am convinced that you prefer different music, and you also play drums!

Since early childhood, I was and still is one of those metalheads who wore wide trousers. I have always been attracted to heavy instrumental music with a low pitch, measured tempo, elements of hip-hop culture and a social message. I paid the most attention to the rhythm section, watching the drummer and bass player sculpt the skeleton of the composition and build the groove - this is one of the highest forms of pleasure for me. That is why I once sat down at a drum kit. I always dreamed of playing the bass with confidence, and for the same reason, around 2010, I got acquainted with drum & bass music. In general, in this life I am more like an observer, than a person who is active in all spheres on his way. And if, after all, I started to do something, it becomes my illness. The drums and bassline in any shape have a chronic form.

Observing your career as a producer, you will notice that you have been in the picture for a long time. Massive respect for your organizational work. I heard about your brand of local parties - Grooveriderz, tell me when you started it? How do you manage to combine the production and work?

January 2018, at some kind of get-together, I talked with a very interesting person from the musical sphere of our town, who was the creator of one electronic underground platform. At that moment we were discussing with him that it would be nice to refresh the concept of the already rare drum & bass events in our city.

Immediately I received an offer to do this personally on his site and I agreed without hesitation, then I already had enough thoughts and ideas in my head to implement it. A couple of weeks later the first event happened. And up to this day we try to cover the current picture of various drum & bass sounds regularly.  Grooveriderz is deep and soulful in the first place, there is also a bit of jump up and dubstep music.

What were your first career results? Tell us about labels and releases!

The first result I would like to call my debut performance, which took place in St. Petersburg at the 2Deep party in December 2016, after which I was invited to play in my hometown. In the summer of the same year, my first release was released on Liquid Brilliants Records. That time I really wrote a bunch of liquid funk stuff...

Let's digress a little from the music. How is your normal day or weekend. What are your hobbies besides Drum & Bass? Tell us about your job, the city and your pastime?

It is difficult to describe an ordinary day. Since my work activity is irregular and as soon as free time appears I move to the studio to rehearse material with my group, write music or come up with some next concept for an upcoming event. In addition to music, I am passionate about mountain biking, I really like downhill cycling or the so-called mini downhill, as we say. 

In the Arctic, there is a fairly good landscape for this, full of hills and hummocks. The polar day in summer allows you to get out for night rides. But unfortunately I've been getting on a bike lately less and less, as it requires regular preparation to "pump" skills, and this takes a lot of time, which in the bulk is spent on everything related to music. To all this I can not hide my love to sit in a bar for a pint and an interesting conversation.

The next question will certainly be of interest to musicians and producers. Your DAW, favorite plugins and synthesizers. How does your track-writing process work? What is the usual environment around you?

I work in FL Studio, a friend of mine once introduced me to this sequencer, and at first I created my drum parts there. When the desire to write electronic music came to me, I did not hesitate to choose something that at least somehow was already familiar to me. For a while I used Logic Pro for some post-processing, but with the full integration of FL Studio under the iOS system, this need disappeared. I use a completely digital path, from VST synthesizers I will select only Serum and ANA 2.0. Often I record some different sounds right at the workplace and use granular synthesis to make samples of a different nature from them. 

I mainly use stock tools, the only exception will be products from FabFilter, iZotope and Native Instruments. The writing process depends solely on the mood, as a rule it does not work out specially to "sit down for the track". In the process, I like it when it is calm, dark around. Any mobile devices are switched off and I am in no hurry.

What are you ready to please listeners in 2021? Tell us about your plans, perhaps you have already set goals and objectives for yourself? Let's wait for the album?

Last year I wrote fairly light music, later on recently a release was already presented on Celsius Recordings.

Another one is expected in Spring this year and a couple of liquid rollers on WARM Communications are expected this summer. Now I devote more time to deep dance-floor things, let's see what comes of it. The word "plans" is one of the most unloved, it restricts desires in a global sense.

I have a desire to create music and give it to the universe, which I am implementing. I cannot yet imagine how my LP would sound, musical moods often change and I’m learning something all the time. I think the single format suits me the most now.

We once discussed with you our community of listeners in Russia. I understood your belief that the audience in different cities at parties is also completely different. You performed in Moscow at :data, in St. Petersburg at Modul8, in Murmansk at Grooveriderz. How different is the audience? How does it reflect?

What I found on :data threw me into absolute shock. With the naked eye, it was clear to me that people knew where and why they came there. And without further ado they gave themselves to the party one hundred percent. When I was catching tons of this emotional feedback from the dance floor, I just wanted to crash against the wall just to make it even better.  Honestly, I was even confused at the beginning of all this.

Modul8 is an extremely stylish party, a great line-up, again a great audience. I was incredibly happy to meet the producers there, whose work I admire. The most pleasant communication, excellent vibe - Modul8 exterior. I won't pull the blanket at all. There were a lot of pleasant impressions in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and they are very nourishing and give strength to do their job further. In Murmansk, everything happens a little differently, but there are a lot of reasons and factors for it. But this is a more specialized conversation.

I caught your performance twice in prime time in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The audience is delighted, what's the secret? Tell us about your selection at performances.

I love rolling deep grooves, whether it's deep sound design or liquid funky moods, I like adding halfstep moods to a set, nothing special or surprising in general. They say that if you cook with love, it turns out tastier - this is probably the secret.

How much has your attitude towards the stage and culture changed, if we take the moment of your acquaintance with Drum & Bass and ending with today? Positive and negative points?

Globally, I cannot voice any negative. In each period of acquaintance with this culture, there were much more positive moments. Everyone, if they wish, will find their own sound and place.

One of my favorite questions. Name 5 favorite Drum & Bass labels and 5 favorite Drum & Bass tracks!

- ThirtyOne Recordings
- Sofa Sound Bristol
- V Recordings / Chronic
- Fokuz Recordings
- Citate Forms

- Spinline - Brighton
- Audio - Trinity
- S.P.Y - See The Light
- Enei - The Artefact
- DLR & Mako - Your Mind

What projects, labels, producers are currently attracting you the most? Who is the future in our music? How do you feel about our Russian scene?

Lately I have a lot of music in my playlist from guys like Trex, M-Zine, Bredren.

I am very glad that Sofa Sound took the nomination that year at the D&BA Awards, I would also like to highlight Unchained Recordings and Four Corners Music. It seems to me that in the near future there will be a total synthesis of dubstep and drum & bass music and perhaps this will result in some kind of new subgenre. 

The Russian scene for me is :data and Occulti Music (Burning Series) in Moscow, Citate Forms (Modul8), 2Deep and Timeofnight in St. Petersburg, and all this is very cool in its own way. I don't follow the rest.

What are you dreaming about? What advice would you give to readers and listeners?

Now I dream of getting enough sleep and having more time for music. Releases and premieres are a pleasant consequence of what I love. I would like to wish all readers and listeners to have the opportunity to give in to their full creative impulses and passions.

Stimpy releases : Stimpy — Simple World / Curb The Moves & Stimpy — Rough! EP.