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Friends. For many years we have been showing you only the musical content of our authors. It seems that you will not mind getting to know our artists better and learning something from their lives. We have created a new section - Introduction, where a short interview with our guests will be published. The first release is with Victor Osmas, the author of the latest release on our label.

Summer 2017,when was our acquaintance. Who is Osmas?

Hi, my name is Victor Timirgaleev, I write Drum & Bass under the pseudonym Osmas. I am 26. I was born and raised in the city of Tyumen, and I remain here to this day.

When did you make your first step into Drum & Bass culture? How did it all start? Parties, raves? Maybe it was radio broadcasts?

In general, I plunged into the world of non-standard music thanks to my older brother as a child. Specifically, I met DnB a little later, but still as a child, it was a compilation of Gavin King aka Aphrodite, I really liked this sound.

We know you write grooves. How did you start your career as a producer? What were the first results?

I started trying to write Drum & Bass somewhere in 2010, after I heard the track Noisia - Friendly Intentions. The first demos, of course, sounded like soundtracks to cartoons :D. Then there was the accumulation of experience in writing music, and already in 2016 I had my first release on Hyperion Audio, then almost immediately a release on Modular Carnage Recordings, a year later I met a team from Citate Forms. I have a peculiar process of writing music. All my tracks are obtained as a result of experiments or playing with sound.

Tell us about your place where you write your tracks! Tell us about your setup, from hardware to DAWs and your favorite plugins? How is the process of writing a track going?

I write my tracks on my home PC, in which there is nothing special, from the word at all: a standard computer, an amd A12-9800 processor, a standard sound card, sennheiser HD 215 headphones. I work in FL studio 20, I really like Fabfilter from plugins, Serum, Soft Tube, Wave Arts.

Let's return to reality. What are your other hobbies, tell us about your work, describe your weekday and day off!

Besides music, I work in oil refining, this is my main occupation and a way of earning money. A working day for an operator of technical devices in production is a continuous monitoring of the technological process. Well, on weekends I try to abstract myself from work as much as possible at the expense of music, if not music, then in summer it's riding a bike, in winter skiing, skating.

If you take the beginning of your path in Drum & Bass and compare it with today. How much has your attitude towards the stage and culture changed? What's good, what's bad?

From the moment I started writing DnB and up to that moment a lot of things have changed in my interests in music, I have gone from hard sounding in depth, sometimes funky grooves slip through) I like it all.

Name your 5 favorite Drum & Bass labels and 5 favorite Drum & Bass tracks!

I really like what Dispatch, Sofa Sound, Critical Music, Citate Forms, Overview does. There are many favorite tracks, but of all I single out Nocturnal & Hybris - Pyramids, S.P.Y - Be Strong, DBR UK & MC Fokus - Renegade SpiritDLR - Raindrops, M.T.S - Assembly Line.

What projects, labels, producers are currently attracting you the most? Who is the future in our music? How do you feel about our Russian scene?

I am attracted to what Sofa Sound Bristol and The Sauce do. It's cool they do it. I think the future in our music is ours). I have a good attitude to the Russian scene, we have a lot of talented people.

Why Drum & Bass? What makes you be in this big musical family? Why not other genres of music?

Why DnB? Probably because it is a very broad genre, it can be abstract and bright, or it can be deep and minimalistic. You can express the whole range of emotions in it, and this makes you stay in this movement. Besides DnB, I also welcome other genres such as 2step garage, speed garage, dubstep, house.

What are you dreaming about? What advice would you give to readers and listeners?

The older you get, the more limited your fantasy becomes, and hence your dreams. I don't know, I'm not particularly dreamy. I will tell readers and listeners: stay yourself, listen to good music, do what brings pleasure!)

In our debut Introduction section, we met the author of our latest release! His tracks are already exclusively available on Beatport, Spotify, Bandcamp.