Strictly Sisters X DnB Girls Takeover X Remedy
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Strictly Sisters X DnB Girls

Eight week takeover kicking off on Monday featuring some of the most talented drum and bass artists in North America and Canada.

DnB Girls // Last Planet // MASSIVE // Toronto Bass Community // Fourward DNB

If you mix high energy and a whole lot of soul, what do you get? Remedy.

Growing up in Toronto, it didn’t take Remedy long to fall in love with the underground music
scene. Her dnb obsession began in the dark side rooms of house and techno raves, where the
bass heavy sounds at 170+ reigned supreme. Over and over again, the dark rolling basslines
and chilling vocals drew her in. The next thing, Remedy was spending the entire night dancing
to the rhythm that fueled her movements so innately. Remedy marks these moments as the
beginning of her love for rave culture. She knew she was here to stay.

Outfitted with a set of Tech 12’s and a modest vinyl collection, Remedy was determined to teach
herself how to mix. She relied on her classical music training and her eclectic range of musical
influences to guide and inspire her as she learned to command the decks. Fast forward to 2019
and Remedy has supported acts such as Nu:Tone, Logistics, Aries, Ray Keith, Ulterior Motive,
Bachelors of Science, Spectrasoul, Submorphics, T.R.A.C and MC Funsta.

With an ear for melodic mixes and complicated break beats, Remedy is not afraid to showcase
the dark and heavy side of drum and bass. She intertwines the sounds of ethereal vocals
blended with heavy hitting beats and rolling basslines like it’s her calling. She weaves a
narrative through every set, inspiring others to open through movement and shared connection.
Currently proving herself to be a staple in the Toronto DJ sccene, Remedy has repeatedly
shown her ability to bring a unique vibe to any party. Whether she’s playing the city’s most
legendary clubs and nights such as Rebel or Coda, or livening up the stages at Valhalla and
Pride festival, her dynamic sound and bouncy energy always gets the entire crowd moving. Not
only is her energy infectious, but her tune selection is top notch. She’s got a rep for her deep
crate, coining the title “Queen of the B Sides” by her peers.

Up next, you can catch Remedy opening for the legendary act Pendulum at Revival in Toronto
on April 6th.

Not only is Remedy a rising force in the world of bass, she continually shows that the love for
music truly brings people together.


• Fliwo - What U Say 
• Hydro, Wars, FIelds, M-Zine, Willem & Scepticz - Shifting Sands 
• Skeptical - Grub 
• Krakota ft. Karina Ramage - Colour The Past 
• Satl - Rattler
• Bredren - Razor 
• Invadhertz, Tephra & Arkoze - Mind Games
• Klinical - Rotate (Bass Brothers Remix)
• Spectrasoul - Organiser(Circuits Rewire)
• Break - Hip Punch 
• Bredren - Backlash 
• Alix Perez - BXL 
• Fena - Whayasay
• GLXY ft. Belle Humble - Lonely (FD's Roll out Remix)
• Nexus & Tight - Aurora 
• Blacklight - Roar 
• Impish - Can't Feel (Vinyl Mix)
• Tantrum Desire - Lost In the Night
• Monty & Alix Perez - Caligo 
• Symtm - Indagate