Our track in the movie - "Trash" by Sentyabrev Studio

We watch & enjoy the full film from the great creator Dmitry Sentyabrev! One of our tracks came here as a soundtrack to one of the scenes! Bravo! HDG - The Core CF020

This is an experimental film in which two storylines are closely related. First: the history of the relationship of a young couple. Edika is a majeure, to whom everything is allowed, but there is not enough present, and Maya is a barmen girl with a hard fate. After another party, the guys sit behind the wheel and shoot down a man. At this moment their familiar life begins to break down. Second: the story of Masha (friend of Maya) and her family. Mother Masha leaves the family, and the father drowns depression in alcohol. Throughout the film before each of the characters is a difficult choice. And we have to find out: will they cope?