Next Artist! Spyre!

Spyre (real name Jan Zboril) is a DJ and producer from Hulin, small city of Czech Republic. He belongs to the younger generation of DJs and producers and he is a member of a large czech dj/producer crew Mixedbooking. Career "real" DJ and producer, he started in 2012, when he was 18 years old. His favorite subgenres of drum & bass are deep, liquidfunk (calm liquid and melodic roller), neurofunk and sometimes mainstream too. In recent years, however, he focuses mainly producing liquid drum & bass. He inspires a lot of production in film music. It's focused mainly about the atmosphere and abstract sound story that can each listener individually to create while listening to songs. In the years of producing he released over 15 releases on various labels and he played on parties alongside producers like Mefjus, Maztek, Dope Ammo, Chris.SU, B-Complex, Rido, Counterstrike, Forbidden Society, A-Cray, Qo and many more.