Next Artist - Andrea Bocelli (Criteria)

Andrea Bocelli (Criteria) is an italian producer at the early stages of his career, His interest in electronic music awakened in the early 2000's when he first heard the most influential djs and producers of that time. Ever since he was young, he has been an assiduous listener of all musical genres, from which he believes it is possible to draw inspiration to further produce music. In 2010 he discovered the dnb genre and his musical interests moved towards a more deep, atmospheric and yet melodic style, and he finally found the perfect compromise: a mixture of atmosphere and energy, a double sided music style giving off chill beats and hype at the same time. He fully immersed himself into this completely new world of musical styles until, and since listening passively was no longer enough to fuel his passion he decided to start producing his own music. He started developing his technical producing skills in May 2016, giving a professional touch to his tracks. Further experience and knowledge came from collaborating with his friend Manuel (Hayley), also a producer, who helped him focus on the highlights of studio production. Afterwards, his attention is caught by the Liquid style of dnb, and in the following months he creates his signature style, blending atmospheric and energetic vibes together. In a short time he has managed to achieve good results and has caught the eye of many respected labels, that will allow him to release his first tunes in 2017.