New Age.

Citate Forms is with you for 2 years already! We've been searching and analizing different D&B niches for a long period, releasing various styles to realize our own way.

We have prepared a second compilation Citate Forms Select II, that includes turning points for our project. During these two years we have found great team, numerous friends and listeners all over the world. We have played on numerous parties and events and clarified the sound we want to publish in future.

Next VARIOUS Select II presents our vision of our forthcoming sound and shows our vector for this year. This compilation gives you a sence what sort of music will be expectable on our platform.

We are proud to present our new A&R manager - Andrew Thematic, who would be fully responsible for compiling next releases.

Under this sauce we have made full rebranding of our platform and using common forces from Moscow and Saint-P both, we are continuing to invade more street-about sound, bringing more brutal sound to the masses!
Live to play! Play in the rhytm of streets!