June has been extremely quiet and I've spent half of it abroad so this newsletter is purely a heads up about my podcast and radio show, if you missed them out that is! Oh, also there's some news for you if you intend to come to Sun & Bass Festival and you like to Dj...
Finally you'll find a little recap of what's happened so far with the label, Details of the next release are being finalised these very days and they will likely reach social media before your inboxes, so make sure you follow me there too (all links at the bottom).


01. Unknown - Untitled [dub]
02. Dailiv - Cult [Absys Records]
03. Margari's Kid - Init 1 [Cosmic Bridge]
04. Dissident - The Knick Theme [Absys]
05. Vromm - Level Up ft. Rider Shafique [Critical Music] 
06. Ahmad - Six Generations [T3K]
07. Torn - Stagnation [Shiro]
08. Kontrast - Reflections [Lockdown Recordings]
09. Sentic Cycle - Detached [forth. Citrus Recordings]
10. Sinistarr - Bonchon Flex [forth. Free Love Digi]
11. Logics - Knock, Knock [forth. Delta 9 Recordings]
12. Riot - Contradiction [forth. Skalator Music]
13. Kasra - Phases [Critical]
14. Sweetpea - Dutty Wine [dub]
15. Grey Code - Finest Gold [Dispatch Recordings]
16. Nultiply - Simple Things [Citate Forms]
17. Rizzle - The Only One [Dispatch]
18. Ewol - Distance [Flexout Audio]
19. Dayni - Protest [T3K]
20. Detail - Passive Aggressive [Genome Records]
21. Halogenix - Blej [Critical] 
22. Tephra & Arkoze - Keep Hope Alive [Peer Pressure Records]
23. Coda Ft. Inja - Sky [Charge Recordings]
24. Ill Truth - Discover [Symmetry Recordings]