Joint Stock Galaxy - The True Meaning

So the time has come to introduce people to the next release of our label. It will present you the producers duo from Russia - Joint Stock Galaxy! Four completely different in composition itself will certainly find its audience until the end of the summer calendar. The release will be available on sale from August 30, 2016 in all the available digital stores!

Listen CF017 Release, big EP:


Joint Stock Galaxy - Russian duo of producers of the Irkutsk Region (Siberia, Russia), specializing in composing and producing drum and bass music. The founder and the mastermind behind the project is considered to be Stepan Teterin - one of participants of the duo, however, there is a version, in which Maxim Eremeev first came to the idea of the creative team, and that he was able to deduce Joint Stock Galaxy to a high level of sound quality. Joint Stock Galaxy Project, a group of two people, appeared in 2012. Style Joint Stock Galaxy differs live sound. In combination with modern synthesizers, recording guitars and piano parts tracks gives the original shade. Work with your own samples and effects adds volume and lyrical mood in every single song.

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