Criteria in the new DnB Dojo Podcast #5!

Another month, another podcast! Dojo boss Hex is back on the decks with a 75 minute selection of the month's best cuts with varied material from Klute, Radicall, Mr Frenkie, Dyl, NotioN, Data 3, Criteria and many more...check it.

Goku - Insects [Nu Venture]
The Upbeats - De-Evolution [Vision]
Om Unit & Sam Binga - Up & Under [BUNIT]
Overlook - Blue Rose [UVB76]
Bredren - Razors [Flexout]
Cause4Concern - Moongerm (Pythius Remix) [C4C]
Outer Mass - King [Terra Firma]
Invadhertz - Burn [The Dreamers]
Data 3 - Eleven [Addictive Behaviour]
Coma & Semitone - Giger [Re.Set Audio]
Dean Rodell & Lockjaw - Phenotype [Locked Concept]
Djah - Occasion [Celsius]
Rune & Kaiza - Syne (Survey Remix) [T3K]
Klute - Angel Makers [Commercial Suicide]
Nelver - Liberty [Celsius]
Clart & Vortex - Ethos [Phantom Others]
Reen - Distillation [Ronin Ordinance]
Mr. Frenkie - Respawn [Concussion]
Radicall - Maneuver [Warm Ears]
Eighth Moon - Back 2 [Dub]
Altered Perception - Fortify [Infidelity]
Howitzer & Kotchd - Bun Dem [Rogue Beatz LTD]
Aeph - Jaeger Clap [Lifted]
Seppa - Laslo [Wonkay]
Rusty K - AC-130 (The Clamps Remix) [Close2Death]
Mauoq & F.Ich - Hek Legacy [Mauoq Music]
Dyl - Numbers, Words, Mind Control [Translation]
In:most - I Can’t Do VIP [Soulvent]
Malaky - See Through [Fokuz]
Imanzi - Ragga [Skalator]
Ivy Lab - Forex VIP [Critical]
Kozmo & Kloak - The Rally [Onset Audio]
Lecoughski - MK Ultra [Tsunami Bass Weight]
Province - Your Mind [Bay 6]
FD - Ambra (Calibre Remix) [Sun & Bass]
Criteria - Floating Mirrors [Citate Forms]
Melos - Blues Duke [Deconstructed]
NotioN - Somehow, Right Now [Eternia]
DBrief - Freedom Come [DBrief]