Bern Bass Podcast 33 - Emplate (November 2017)

Emplate from Cleveland Ohio first heard the sounds of Jungle/Drum & Bass in the summer of '96 and was instantly enchanted. A drummer, and heavily influenced by hip hop, metal, industrial, classical and jazz; Emplate believes drum and bass embodies everything he had been listening to and loved before it. In '99 he knew that listening was not enough. Inspired by the DJs around him and his love for DnB, he dedicated himself to seeking knowledge, selection and skill.

He soon became respected both technically and for his sets that interweave neurofunk and darker, minimal DNB tunes that are often peppered with liquid dancefloor tracks if the mood is right. In 2006, he became a resident DJ at the former weekly and nationally recognized "in:verse" event. Always interested in moving the scene forward, Emplate helped develop The Cleveland Drum n Bass Coalition and (216)BASS, both local platforms that Northeast Ohio DnB heads used as a vehicle to further their careers.

In August of 2014, he joined up with Rockers Music. Excited about having a DnB label out of Cleveland, emplate spearheaded the local launch of the Rockers 175 label with the ìStep Insideî & "Kismet" monthly events held at the Beachland Ballroom, bringing in names such as: Lenzman, Doc Scott, Total Science, Zero T, The Prototypes, Crissy Criss, DJ SS and Aphrodite to name but a few. After stepping away from the label & the turbulent life of event promotions, he focused on being the best DJ he could be, taking his mixing to new levels & determined to prove that he's underrated, not only in his hometown & state, but the U.S. as a whole. He was soon approached about hosting his own weekly show on dnbradio.com and quickly accepted. The Astrogator can be heard every Wednesday 7-9pm EST.

For over a decade, Emplate has been known for his diverse selection of up to date releases, promos & unreleased tracks & plays accordingly to timeslot, crowd & vibe.


01. Surface - Outline - 16 Step Records
02. Other Spectrum - Gyroscope (Alex SLK Remix) - Dub
03. Osmas - Vague Thoughts - Citate Forms
04. Altex x Sam Harris - Recurve - Dub
05. Nami - Solarians - Lifestyle Music
06. Data 3 - Sorrow ft. BLAKE - Shogun Audio
07. Hidden Aspect - Bamboo Break - Tarantula Music
08. M-zine, Scepticz & Survey - Configurate - Dispatch Recordings
09. Midn8Runner - Resolution - Hyperactivity Music
10. Neothrope - Diffused - Dub
11. Rafiki & Draize - Erosion - Modular Carnage Recordings (Dub)
12. Simple Technique - Cold Steppin (Ulterior Motive Remix) - Cyberfunk
13. Safire - Fracking Hell - Plasma Audio
14. Trail - Lady Sorrow - Impact Music
15. DROMA - Trouble - Viral-Mental Records
16. Boombassbrothers - Like This (Sanse Remix) - Anticlockwise Music (Dub)
17. Jayem - New Breed - Monarch Records
18. Laabreeze - Bugs - Invasion Recordings
19. Mayhem & Logam - Orion (Myselor Remix) - Santoku Records
20. Oxytocin - Negative - Dub
21. Terrence & Phillip - Rasta Roller - Free Download
22. Nami - Imitator - Lifestyle Music
23. GLXY & QZB - Yes Jah - Shogun Audio
24. Colony - Slummin' It - Boey Audio (Dub)
25. Oxytocin - Who The Fuck - Dub
26. Voltage - Teknology - Serial Killaz
27. Bass Antics - Guru - Murky Digital
28. Black Opps - Stinger - Subplate Recordings
29. Conrad Subs - Hatred - Default Recordings
30. FRQNCS - Dusk - Modular Carnage Recordings
31. Evasion - Tunnel.Bass - Trust Audio
32. Laabreeze - Stratch Thing - Invasion Recordings
33. Relict - Tribute - Modular Carnage Recordings (Dub)
34. Vince Grain - Ashtray Funk - Dub