Audio mastering is the final stage of music production, which that takes place before being released to retail chains and platforms. It is the last opportunity to amplify the sound or fix any problems.

At this stage, experienced engineers put the finishing touches to the frequency characteristics of the composition, optimizing the sound track on a wide variety of systems to get the superior sound quality.

Track preparation for mastering.

Turn the compressor and the limiter on the master output section OFF.

Lower the output volume to -6 dB, so that the maximum signal level does not rise above -3 dB. Convert your track into 24 bit .WAV file in 44kH frequency.

Price for 1 track = 10€/$

Clothes and accessories

Want Citate Forms merchandise? Browse through our selection. An image, drawing, logo, photo or a printed message is applied by digital printing directly onto textiles with a use of water-based paints, which are non-hazardous and can withstand a long-term use without getting erased or fading. We offer a wide range of products in all colors and sizes, dozens of different kinds of products; clothing, blankets, pillows, mouse pads, clocks, hats, caps, bags, stickers and lots more.

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