Citate Forms
Independent Record Label

Agreement conditions.

1. According to our label, the final copyright in general is in obligation of the distributor who is engaged in placement and sale of your creativity in more than 25 musical platforms all over the world among which are iTunes, Junodownload, Google play, etc.

2. Calculation between the label and the distributor is conducted at the rate of 80% to the label, 20% - to the distributor. Therefore, 80% are divided between the label and the artist 50/50%.

3. Quarterly profit reports from sales come once every 3-4 months therefore the artist has to understand that every day the label doesn't pay profit from sales of a release. Only 1-3 times a year.

4. Before any payment is made for the sale of music, a way of money transfer is discussed with the artist.

5. The label DOES NOT GUARANTEE receiving profit for the artist, only in the case if the obligations to the Label are not fulfilled by the distributor. Remember that sales on music platforms and the income from shops are completely in the hands of the distributor.

6. Any profit generated from compilation releases does not mean that the label will partake in the distribution of profits between artists due to low sales of this type of release.

Duties of the label.

1. After consent from the artist is recieved to all points of this contract, Citate Forms undertakes to execute:

A. Mastering of audio recordings of the artist if it is necessary.
B. Providing the artist's release/album/single with an exclusive cover.
C. To be engaged in the subsequent distribution and in the advertizing compaign of the release/album/single of the artist.
D. To prevent the spread of music in the public domain in every possible way.

Duties of the artist.

1. The artist cannot promote full distribution of published/released material on the Internet (with the exception of the publication of the demo release, track cuttings etc.) before and after sales of published material start.

2. All commercial and noncommercial questions connected with works of the artist on Citate Forms are solved only with the label.

3. Citate Forms does not bear any responisibily in copyright violation cases, the artist bears full responsibility for any violations made. All subsequent procedeenigs, including judicial, the artist and the author of the material used must settle between themselves.


Fight against piracy, in relation to the artist's materials, Citate Forms will carry out this function to the best of its abilities.